A new version of Vippie for windows mobile  has been released today.  The softphone supports  g729 codec which provides very efficient compression saving the bandwidth usage and yet offering high voice quality. Combined with our new tunnel where in addition an RTP payload can be adjusted it gives excellent results even with  weak internet connection (for example over GPRS).


  Also the SMS support has been added. Clients can now send and also receive SMS over SIP. They can send short text messages to each other as well as to external networks. In the latter case voipswitch does conversion to required protocol like SMPP or Http in order to send further to sms carrier.   Also the interface’s look differs depending on whether it runs on a device with  touch screen or  on a   smartphone.  The Vippie is offered to VoIP providers, it is fully customizable and can be branded with provider’s logo, name and also with a unique skin.     Continue reading New release of Windows Mobile softphone – support for g729 codec and VoIP tunnel
Web Service API in Voipswitch has recently been extended to support Callback service. A callback call can be triggered by calling the web service’s method with proper parameters. Then the voipswitch initiates call to leg A and to leg B (optionally to the IP IVR asking for entering destination number). During the whole duration of the callback the get_status method can be called to receive actual status of both calls, for example alerting, connected, ended etc. This functionality enables developers to create various applications using callback. The use of web service allows for connectivity from wide range of programming languages or scripts like for example JScript which is widely used in web programming or for example Flash/Flex technology. More details on the API wich complete list of supported methods can be found here.