Vippie softphone for IPhone and IPod is now available to download from the AppStore. To download please click the picture on the left. At the moment the version on AppStore enables only WIFI connectivity. The version which supports both WIFI and 3g and edge and gprs is available only on Cydia and can be download from here. The version is linked to our demo server. To receive a test account please contact Vippie is a SIP softphone which works with various mobile phone systems. All of the versions support high quality voice codecs including g729. Vippie can work with Voipswitch platform and with 3rd party SIP servers and softswitches as well.
Become a VoIP provider almost instantly using our complete, cutting-edge VoIP software which consists of: Multiprotocol Softswitch, Integrated billing, Comprehensive Management Interfaces, Provisioning tools, Web Interfaces for Endusers, SIP Instant Messengers with voice and SMS, Whole Family of Mobile Softphones for the most popular cellurar phones like IPhone, Windows Mobile, Symbian Nokia and Android. To find out more about the system, its additional modules and other software products please navigate through the Products menu on the right. In order to receive our pricing please contact us. We provide installation, configuration, trainings, after-sale support and continues updates extending the software’s functionality of newly invented technologies so you can be always before your competition. To see what’s new comes from our VoIP Software Factory follow up our blog below.