The new release of Symbian dialer is available for demo on our website. The dialer uses special compression algorithm which allows for 50% saving in bandwidth consumption. The voice codec remains the same, it is g729. The improvement helps clients making calls using very low internet bandwidth, often from blocked areas, for example UAE. The transmission uses only 10kb/s. To get a test account please register online on or contact The dialer can be downloaded from
We are speaking at ITEXPO EAST in Miami.  Dr Chris Oglaza will take part in a conference “Mobile VoIP, Imagine the Possibilities” (Wednesday – 01/20/10,  12:00-12:45pm). The popularity of 3G smartphone devices, along with the emergence of applications and faster connectivity, makes the mobile network an ideal platform for developing applications that incorporate real-time VoIP. However, there still challenges regarding audio quality, network resources, and corporate mindset that are inhibiting widespread delivery and adoption of mobile VoIP. This session will discuss the new set of requirements that emerges when VoIP functionality is implemented on mobile devices and networks, and how optimal voice quality can be achieved. The speakers will also address the state of the mobile VoIP market and what is required for the mobile VoIP market to evolve.