VoipSwitch VOD/IP TV platform was announced the winner of Internet Telephony IPTV Excellence 2011. The award is given to the leaders in VoIP business by Internet Telephony magazine- the IP Communications Authority since 1998. This year, in the fourth edition of the event, the magazine’s experts reviewed technology development in the field of Video On Demand and distinguished highly innovative and most adjusted to the customer’s needs ideas, that have been successfully implemented. “Only the companies who demonstrated the most exceptional solutions were considered worthy of the 2011 IPTV Excellence Award.”- said Erik Linask from TMC, the Internet Telephony’s publishing company. The rewarded VOD/ IPTV platform from VoipSwitch is a fully professional based on OTT model solution. Video content is streamed via the Streaming Server and may be browsed and viewed by the end-users on PC-s, smartphones, tablets or TV-s. It is provided with an advanced billing system and a convenient MultiPortal for the end users.

New feature of Voipswitch has just been released. From now on you can:

  • Send FAX – send fax directly from web browser

  • Receive FAX – received fax is stored in a user’s inbox on the server, and you can view them through the web

  • Fax2mail – forward received faxes to your email

  • Mail2Fax – send email with attachments to the fax server and have them delivered as a fax to specified recipient

Supported file formats: jpeg, png, bmp, tiff, pdf, doc, docx

For more information please email l.wieczorek@voipswitch.com or visit www.voipswitch.com

To FAX you only need new version of voipswitch platform, supported by T.38 and VS portal or PBX portal. The fax option works simple and clear, and allows you to:

  • See sent faxes history

  • See all received faxes

  • Make fax configurations

Start offering your clients what they can not get from anyone alse!

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