quality ios

Current release version of the Android RCS dialer is 2.1.9, for iOS based devices it is 2.6

Besides few bug fixes and overall quality improvements there are several major accomplishments:
  • new media stack for Android devices (WebRTC)

  • new audio codec OPUS, since this version this is the default codec for ONNET calls

  • new video codec VP8

  • geolocation sharing in chat window and during a call

  • plans menu – packages of minutes to group of countries, offered at fixed rate per month

  • DIDs support – virtual phone numbers, users can purchase phone numbers directly from the app (monthly payments)

  • new emoticons

  • additional payment options (on Android), now users can pay directly from the app using Google Wallet, credit cards, Paypal, Cash U

  • encryption for both audio and video, now all ONNET calls are encrypted using SRTP with 128 bit key

  • sign in with a service ID (username) as an alternative to signing in with phone number

  • multidevice support (account sharing), a user can have up to 4 devices registered and be logged in from them at the same time, incoming calls and messages are forked to all devices

The version under Vippie brand is available on google play and appstore.

Download and test for free!