A NEW Android dialer on Google Play
A NEW Android dialer is already on Google Play

A modern User Interface with the best voice quality and the most stable tunnel solution in the market!

This is a generic dialer with a simple set of features designed to work in the so-called OPCODE model, by which many VoIP providers use the same application. The server-specific data are sent to the dialer during provisioning, after users enter an operator code (OPCODE – a unique number provided by us to each VoIP provider).

This NEW dialer from VoipSwitch has:

  • Crystal clear voice quality

  • Tunnel technology allowing you to make VoIP calls from all countries (UAE, KSA etc.)

  • Support for a wide variety of codecs like G729, AMR, OPUS

  • Delivered to you branded within 24 hours

  • Works with VoipSwitch or any other softswitch in the market

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