Always Available functionality implemented in both the IP PBX and the residential VSPortal
We have just completed the integration of the new module called Answering Rules into the VSPortal  (the web interface for residential service) and also in the Hosted Multi-tenant IP PBX platform (in previous versions of IP PBX it was in limited version).  


The module replaces the Call Forwarding module and introduces enhanced flexibility enabling users to define set of rules conditional on called number, caller ID, called party status and more.  Available actions before the call is sent to the user include: do not disturb with sub-actions taken depending on who is calling (for example voicemail, call forwarding or fast busy), music on call waiting played instead of the ringtone (different greetings depending who is calling).


To the actions taken after having tried to connect to the user, conditional on the release reason (busy, answer, offline) belong:

  • voicemail with personalized greeting per callerID,
  • call forwarding also with a greeting played during connecting the call,
  • fax-box.


For example when you are busy and do not want to answer calls you can set DND and have them forwarded to your collegue. If the call is coming from your friend it can be excluded from the general Do Not Disturb rule and be sent to your phone.


Or if you are not only busy but also away from your desk you can have important calls be forwarded to your mobile and the calls from contacts that can wait will be sent to your voicemail which you can check at any moment later.


In addition all  the rules can be defined per DID (phone number/line associated with the account). For example if you have multiple phone numbers linked to your account you can create different answering rules per each.


Thus you are always available and still efficient controlling who and when can call you. The management is very intuitive from one panel in the VSPortal or IP PBX.