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You can now chat with other users and see their actual presence in the Vippie for IPhone application. It works with XMPP servers, by default it connects to the server which is part of Voipswitch solution but can also be connected to other XMPP services like Google Talk, etc. The main functionality includes chat and presence, we plan to add more in near future. The IM is available from version 1.0.9.

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The recent version of the Vippie softphone for Symbian supports chat and presence services over XMPP protocol. XMPP is becoming a standard for IM and is used by service like Google Talk and Facebook.  Also as a part of Voipswitch solution we deliver an XMPP server which combined with our Vippie clients and web portal/PBX supporting XMPP allows users to chat with each other, see other users presence status and also send files.  Now this functionality is available also for mobile users on Symbian smartphones.