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Wholesale Switch: Designed for wholesale VoIP carriers who need an all-in-one solution to manage billing, routing, taxation, and complex routing tables, the IPsmarx Class 4 Softswitch offers an unparalleled reliable and user-friendly solution.

VoipSwitch has released its latest version of the Vippie SIP client for IPhone which support video calling not only among other IPhone users but also to any SIP devices supporting codec h264. The use of the high compressed h264 codec lowers the bandwidth usage to as little as 140Kb/s. The application is available on the Appstore under the name Vippie Video softphone ( ) In future releases the company plans to add support for higher resolution of the video and also additional codecs like h263+ and h263.
You can now chat with other users and see their actual presence in the Vippie for IPhone application. It works with XMPP servers, by default it connects to the server which is part of Voipswitch solution but can also be connected to other XMPP services like Google Talk, etc. The main functionality includes chat and presence, we plan to add more in near future. The IM is available from version 1.0.9.

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