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After VSPortal, also the Online Shop module has been completely redesigned to work in new architecture utilizing the VSService (web service technology) as backend and flash for the client interface. This approach ensures high level of compatibility with various browsers running under various operating systems. Also improved was the part connected to basket using which a provider can offer goods like for example VoIP phones or software. The Sign up component for purchasing accounts online is now part of the VSWeb. The transactions’ connected procedures are common for both VSWeb and Online Shop and support numereous online payment systems like Paypal, Moneybookers, and many others. For the full list click here.

Below are sample screenshots of the Online Shop interface:

New releases of both of our softphones i.e. Siplink and Vippie! are now available also in form of no-install versions. All the softphone files are packed into one executable file which is then uploaded to USB memory phone by Yealink After pluging the USB into a PC the softphone will automatically start without having to install any files on the PC. This feature is great help for users often traveling as now they can take the phone with them and make/receive calls from any PC for example from Internet Cafe.  This solution can work not only with Yealink but also can be loaded to any other USB memory stick with or without phone device. The below picture shows the USB memory phone from our partner Yealink.