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Under the name “VoIP SIP client” you can find our application in the version that can be used with 3rd party sip servers. The Vippie supports codec g729, g722 and g711. After installing it go to SIP settings where you can enter your SIP server IP or domain and set your login credentials. This version however does not support a range of extended features like callback and SMS which are supported only in connection with Voipswitch.
You can record any parts of your active calls simply by tapping the record icon. It will start recording, next tap and the recording stops, if you want to start recording conversation again during the call tap the record icon again. When you want to listen to the recorded messages go to Recent calls menu where you can see all calls with associated recordings marked with the “speaker” icon. Click on it to see the audio player’s controls which allow you to hear the message, switch to loudspeaker and use a seek/progress bar.