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New release of Vippie PC supports now conferencing functionality. User can manage multiple calls, both received and dialled and then connect the selected ones into a conference. All the active calls are shown in a seperate window from which user can switch between calls, end particular call or create a conference. During the conference user can also remove particular call from the conference or add new caller into it, e.g. user can dial a new number and then connect to the existing conference or can receive a call and then decide whether the call should join the conference or not.

Below is a short video presenting this new functionality:


New release of Android SIP client is available. New features are support for SMS over SIP and voipswitch’s callback which enables user to connect two phone numbers with each other. The callback interface shows information on the each leg’s status in real time. User can define the callback method, whether the leg A is connected first or both the legs are  dialed simultaneously. The callback is triggered over data connection. Sending and recieving SMS can work with other users as well as with external GSM networks through voipswitch which translates SIP messages into required protocol (for example SMPP or http).  Text messages sent to a user which is offline are stored on the server side. After user logs in the stored messages are sent immediately to the user. Please contact our to test a demo version.