Only in July with hosted solution of voipswitch you receive Android RCS dialer for one year!
FREE Rich Communication VoIP dialer – No monthly charge (99$) and no set up fee (500$)

JOIN Express Hosted dialer:

  • OPCODE based branding – custom logo and name

  • Anti-blocking solution – for areas where VoIP calls are blocked

  • Sign UP through phone number or email

  • Crystal clear voice quality

  • Video, Presence and Instant Messaging

  • Rich Communication features – address book showing other users, like WhatsApp

  • In app Top UP with support for various payment providers

  • Support for Vouchers

JOIN Express Hosted is a combination of the RCS Cloud and Hosted Voipswitch. All RCS services are realized via the cloud.

Hosted voipswitch:

  • Class 5 Softswitch (wholesale/retail traffic) – Licensed by

  • Integrated Billing

  • Web-portal interface for Administrator (VSC3 Standard/Professional)

  • Web-portal interface for end-users (HTML5)

  • IP IVR for Voicemail

The demo is readily available here

Demo OPCODE: 14022241

Interested? Contact us: