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Complete VoIP solution

Complete VoIP solution


The solution comprises all elements required to start a successful VoIP business.

Main Package

The core of the system is the Class 5 Softswitch with integrated billing which is included in the main package. In addition the package comes with the Voipswitch User Portal (VUP) – an html based web interface for retail customers.

The main package is sufficient for wholesale and retail VoIP business.

Resellers module

If you wish to offer your services through resellers and agents then you will need this module. It comes with a comprehensible web interface for customer management under a multilevel resellers structure.

Mobile and desktop dialers

Check out our outstanding dialers for various platforms.

RCS mobile and desktop dialers

Attract your customers with high quality Viber-like dialers for all major platforms.

Calling cards

Add this module if you want to offer PIN or PINless calling cards. It comes with the full IVR, is also integrated with the VUP and can be added as a hybrid option in the mobile and RCS mobile dialers.

Unified Communication/hosted PBX

This module extends the main package with the functions sought by business customers. It offers all PBX features plus web based communication tools, company management portal, and provisioning server. The module can also be enhanced by the RCS for UC desktop and mobile dialers.


Html 5 based web application with clear comprehensible interface for callshop owners.