Easier, faster and more efficient – resell VoIP service with Agent Portal
Agent Portal

Teamwork creates new opportunities, impossible to reach alone.

Led by this presumption, we created Agent Portal – easy to use HTML5 application. The main objective of this module is to extend the scope of end-users of your VoipSwitch system and add new clients to the service. For that purpose you need people – Agents who will sell your minutes on a pre-paid system to the final customer.

Our new product help manage business for both – the Reseller and Agent.

The Reseller has exclusive rights to:

  • manage rates

  • set tariffs

  • authorize the Agent’s access within the Portal

  • track the history of each Agent actions

The Agent gains a friendly tool built with HTML5 that allows:

  • login from several devices (PC, tablet or mobile)

  • making simple changes in user accounts

  • creating new accounts

  • recharging existing accounts

Each sold minute multiplies benefits three times: for Reseller, Agent, and End-User.

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