Free Call through dialer for Blackberry
We have just released the first version of a simple call thru dialer for Blackberry. It does not use any data connection, only normal GSM call to connect to an access number and dial the destination number. It is basically a calling card scenario, the application only simplifies the whole process of connecting.  

How it works:

1. Main BB menu>Options>Advanced Options>Applications – BB menu button on the BBAccessDialer – Edit Permissions>Interactions (expand)>Input Simulation (allow) 2. Start the application 3. Activate call thru utility, click on Disable and change to Enable 4. Add access numbers and associate them with a description Now you can close the application and try to make a call. When you enter the number and click Green button (call) a menu will appear asking whether you want to make a call normally or through one of the defined access numbers.  Select the Access number and the phone will dial the access number, wait a second and then automatically will dial the entered number.   We also offer customization of the dialer, please contact for details.   From the below links you can download a version for different blackberry models. If you need a version for any other model please let us know.   * BB Curve 8900 * BB Bold 9000 * BB 9500 Storm