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“Join” white label softphones

“Join” white label softphones

join softphones
Join is a complete VoIP client framework solution enabling service providers to offer next generation OTT services like Facetime, Whatsup, Viber and others. The pre-integrated communication client, based on standard protocols, allows customers to focus on the user experience, GUI and add-ons, without having to know the complexities of VoIP ecosystems. We provide our expertise and years of experience in VoIP software development to help you build a great customized VoIP app tailored to your client base.
JOIN-complete OTT client framework
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Key highlights

Integration with any Class 5 softswitch or IMS platform. HD Audio and Video using various codecs. White label, fully brandable, custom feature-set.

Join for Mobile – available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry.

Join for Desktop – available on Windows PC and MAC.
Softswitch and billing overview