Monetize your mobile dialers

As a VoIP service provider, did you know that there are several ways to earn money using our RCS mobile dialers?


Here are 6 ways you can monetize your dialers to maximize your income:

1. DID numbers: By adding Direct Inward Dialing (DIDs) numbers to your app, you allow your clients to directly purchase a virtual number and get it assigned to their SIP account. You can charge your client for a one time purchase and/or on a monthly basis.

2. Subscription: Do the planning on behalf of your clients and offer them ready-to-use Minute plans. For example, group together their favorite destinations and offer them either a one-time purchase plan or a monthly subscription fee.

3. Enable payments: Allow your clients to pay on sign-up, top-up their accounts with you, or purchase DID numbers, all while paying directly from your app. Enabling Apple In App Purchase, Google Wallet or any other 3rd party payment gateway, maximizes the chances of your clients purchasing your products.

4. Advertisement: Benefit from the possibility of displaying ads in your dialers. Whether using Google AdMob or any 3rd party SDK, displaying ads in your apps is yet another income stream that would add to your revenue.

5. International Mobile Top-Up (IMTU): Allow your clients to use their credit with you to top-up their own GSM mobile number or that of their families and friends. Using 3rd party providers (like Transfer to or IDT), IMTU allows you to earn a certain percentage every time one of your clients transfer funds to a GSM number.

6. Premium numbers: Add to your dialers Premium charged ONNET numbers, which your clients can purchase and use. These numbers are used for various services (support, entertainment etc.), which charge the caller higher fees than when calling a regular number. You, as a provider, charge for purchasing and using such number, thus adding yet another stream of revenue to your income.