Rich Communication Suite Channel sponsored by VoipSwitch is now live!

VoipSwitch is excited to announce the launch of its new Rich Communication Suite channel which goes live today and is located at the TMCnet Online Communities:

Channel welcomes users with featured content focused on the company’s mission to provide customers the most accurate information and share Voipswitch’s knowledge and expertise in the field of RCS platform.

You will find detailed information about RCS services and resources offered as well as Industry News, Articles, White Papers and Videos.

RCS channel is just the beginning of our concerted effort to improve user experience and educate consumers on Rich Communication Suite.

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Vippie User Portal – VoipSwitch’s new offer to all Vippie users!

Vippie User Portal - VoipSwitch’s new offer to all Vippie users!

Together with the launch of a new version of the website, VoipSwitch is giving all Vippie users access to calling features from any Web browser.

With the new website, which includes a user-friendly page layout and easy navigation, users can log in to the Vippie User Portal, without downloading any additional application.

The Vippie Portal brings together the Vippie features (e.g. Chats, High quality audio and video calling, Social Profile Information) with easy-to-navigate account management and billing facilities directly from a browser.

Users can pick up a conversation where they left off on their mobile device. Chat and call history is shared across all devices and archived on the server, so no matter when a user logs in, the latest communication details will be right there, as are contact lists from the Network Address Book (NAB), which is shared across all devices.

In addition to the above, the Portal is HTML5 based and WebRTC powered, which guarantees encrypted communication and an unrivaled voice and video quality experience.

To test the Vippie User Portal for free, go to:

VoipSwitch is launching Encrypted dialer for both the Android and Apple operating systems

VoipSwitch is launching Encrypted dialer for both the Android and Apple operating systems

The dialers support AES 128 bit encryption, both for audio and video media, using standards-based SRTP. The signalling is secured independently using the TLS protocol. Also, all chat messages sent between users are encrypted using TLS. These two native protocols provides increased protection from attacks that can include eavesdropping, wiretapping or other threats to the security and privacy of users.

This approach guarantees the most secure VoIP solution and is fully compatible with the security specifications of the WebRTC project.

The demo of the application which is accessible from the appstores under Vippie brand, saves the end users from having to purchase expensive phone apparatus that support encrypted calls. Vippie delivers encrypted messages directly when both parties are connected. It runs on off-the-shelf cell phones and tablets including Android and Apple products using high grade security for protecting sensitive voice calls against interception.

To download demo go to:


google play: