Additional modules

Fax server

Fax server is an extension enabling faxing over IP services. It is implemented as an application server controlled by the main VoipSwitch system. The fax server role is to process incoming faxes and then deliver them to recipients. Also, in the other direction it converts various file formats to fax over IP formats and transmits to destinations.

The module is equipped with tools for automated conversion from and to different formats.

Customers manage their fax box configuration from the VoipSwitch User Portal or from the VoipSwitch Unified Communication portal (business customers).

Main Features:

  • Full t38 protocol support
  • Managed through web interface (cover page, banners, retry intervals and times)
  • Full set of Web APIs for sending and managing the service
  • Separate fax boxes for each user
  • Shared fax box for enterprise account
  • Download faxes from the web
  • Support for doc, pdf, bmp, jpeg and other image formats for sending fax
  • File upload and fax send directly through web
  • Fax to email delivery
  • Email to fax service