Additional modules
Video on Demand and IPTV platform

The solution comprises the following elements:

  • Advanced billing system with graphical administrator interface

  • Web interface for managing content

  • VOD Portal with content catalogue and ordering movies functionality

  • Customizable players

  • Sign up component working with several payment systems

  • VOD Transcoding module converting the content to required formats

The platform is fully scalable allowing for load balancing by introducing several streaming servers sharing the same billing system.

The platform shares the same convergent billing system as our VoIP solution which enables providers to offer VoIP and streaming services using the same user accounts.

Content protection

In the VOD business model it is crucial to have a proper content security implemented preventing the content from being intercepted and copied. Our system offers full protection on different levels: Content access management: In our system the content is never stored on the client’s side; it is streamed on request only based on the rights assigned to a user account. The system administrator can decide which accounts are allowed to watch particular content, when they have access and for what duration. Each user has to log in prior to starting streaming; the user authentication is based on username/password credentials. This does not apply when free content is offered but even so the content itself is still protected from being copied.

The content is protected from unauthorized access using a secure ticketing model in which the system generates dynamic links which are unique for each user and each session. The user has to log in first, providing the username and password. When they want to watch the content the server sends back a link which is valid only throughout the user’s session. In addition, the user can receive only one stream at the same time. This solution guarantees that only registered users have access to the content and that the user’s account cannot be shared with others.

User side software

The following user side components are delivered as part of the system:

  • Flash player with built-in authentication procedures (fully compatible with the standard flash installation). Can work with the VOD Portal or embedded into any website

  • VOD portal for PC – cross system, cross browser flash/flex based web interface for browsing the content catalogue and ordering movies. Fully customizable from the Admin interface. Can be incorporated into an existing website

  • VOD mobile portal – support for user authorization, browsing catalogue, ordering and playing movies.

VOD Admin Portal

The VOD/IPTV solution shares the billing engine with the VoipSwitch inheriting all the sophisticated features offered in voice products. They are configurable from the VOD Admin Portal which is simplified to show the functionalities used in VOD scenarios only. The main features include:

  • Real time charging

  • Prepaid accounts

  • Fixed price for a whole movie

  • Rental time, i.e. the duration when a user is allowed to watch the content, eg. 24 hours, 48 hours, etc

  • Limiting number of minutes of watching a movie during the rental time

  • Packages: including weekly and monthly plans. Possibility to offer certain movies at a fixed price for a given period, eg. 50 movies per month, 10 movies a week. Possibility to set a plan for particular movies or movie category only, eg. 10 movies from the Children category a week

  • Creating unlimited number of rates sheets

  • Assigning different rates to different users or groups of users

  • Invoicing

  • Detailed reporting