Calling Cards

PIN/PINless app for smartphones

VoipSwitch offers an application for smartphones which enables an automated call through functionality. It can work in two modes: PIN and PINLess.

The purpose of the app is to simplify the process. A user, instead of dialing the access number and then providing a PIN and destination number, only taps on a number in contacts or enters a destination number in the dialpad and then the app itself connects to the access number, then dials the PIN (provided by a user in the app settings) and the destination number. In the case of PINless the process is even shorter.

The Call through functionality can be integrated into VoIP or RCS softphones. For example, when an internet connection is not available calls will be automatically connected via the calling card service.

Calling cards services are popular also among smartphone users. Even though they can use a VoIP based application and connect to a provider’s server directly through IP, in some cases making a call through an access number is preferred. This may be related to the cost of the data connection and quality of network.

To get more details on possible customizations of the above functionality please contact our consultants.