Class 5 Softswitch with Billing

Class 5 softswitch

Voipswitch’s Class 4/5 softswitch is a multiservice telephony server which leverages SIP and other related communication protocols. It combines the SIP server and application server roles in a next generation network (NGN).
    • Proxy server
    • Registrar server
    • Back-to-back user agent (B2BUA)
    • Presence server
    • IVR – provides interactive voice scenarios for Calling Cards and Unified Communication features
    • Voicemail
    • Call recording – records conversations to a file or live streaming format
    • Legal Interception
    • Transcoding
    • Media Relay/RTP proxy
    • Fax server T38

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  • Network:
    • SIP, IMS extensions
    • Media Relay/Proxy with NAT endpoints handling
    • ICE mechanism for Peer to Peer session establishment, STUN
    • SIP SIMPLE Instant Messaging
    • DTLS
    • WebRTC compatible
  • Billing:
    • Credit control application, support for Prepaid and Postpaid model
    • Subscriptions, packages, bundles
    • Real time multi-layer charging with credit control for each ownership level (Resellers)
    • Advanced rating
    • Multicurrency
  • Routing:
    • Least Cost Routing
    • Load balancing/sharing for termination endpoints
    • Traffic failover with multiple “waterfall” levels
    • Multiple routing plans
  • Accounts:
    • Multilayered accounts ownership structure (Owner, 3 levels of Resellers, Sales Agents)
    • Multiple devices sharing one account (support for SIP INSTANCE)
    • Sharing accounts among services e.g. RCS mobile client shares account with Calling card PIN or PINless service
  • Telephony features/ Enterprise Telephony (PBX):
    • Follow me/Find me
    • Hunt Groups
    • Parking
    • Transfers, hold, second line, shared line, BLF
    • Voicemail
    • PBX specific features: Dial by Name, extensions etc.
    • Autoattendants
    • Learn more in the Unified Communication section
  • Media Gateway (Voip Box):
    • Playing audio/video – Interactive Voice Response system with xml based flow scenarios
    • Call recording to a file or live stream (mp3, mp4, HLS)
    • Legal Interception
    • Transcoding
  • Fax server:
    • T38 protocol
    • Email to fax/fax to email
    • Web fax viewer
    • Sending directly from web

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