Class 5 Softswitch with Billing

Online Payments

The VoipSwitch platform supports various payment means. It has been integrated so far with dozens of payment providers from different countries. It works with both credit card providers and wallet systems as well. It also supports InApp payment systems from AppleStore, Google, Amazon and others. The Online Shop is a software module which is responsible for processing transactions. It comprises:
  • Web page omponent which can be embedded in a provider’s website
  • Mobile optimized web page which can be opened directly from within a mobile softphone
  • Complete set of WebAPI methods allowing for integration with 3rd party websites and CRM systems

Main Features:

  • Cc data stored on the server optionally
  • Autorecharge
  • Subscriptions periodical payments
  • Multicurrency
  • VAT inclusion
  • Fraud detection mechanism
  • Voucher support
  • Money transfer (between accounts)