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“Join” white label softphones

Join for Desktop

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Supported platforms:


Join for Desktop is a fresh version of our desktop softphone product line which started as one of the first dialers on the market almost a decade ago. Since its inception as a basic, dialpad centric dialer the application has evolved into a fully geared communicator offering an excellent communications experience.

Join is contact centric, showing rich presence information of buddies and allowing instant chat and enriched voice and video calls.

The current version is based on the .NET framework (for Windows), enabling a sleek and elegant user interface with rich customization options.

Both Windows and Mac versions are based on the latest standards for SIP/IMS and other network mechanisms like ICE/TURN peer to peer calling and NAT traversal.

Among other cutting edge technologies WebRTC compliancy is ensured with the HD OPUS codec for audio and brilliant VP8 for video.

Join for Desktop datasheet
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Key highlights

  • Completely white label, branded according to customer’s specification with custom feature set.

  • Built on SIP and open standards, compliant and tested with many of the industry leading softswitches and IMSes.

  • Wide range of supported audio and video codecs such as HD SILK, OPUS, g722, AMR NB and WB, g729 and many others, for video VP8, h264, h263+.

  • Support for audio and video multiparty conferencing (on the client side).

  • High Definition 720p video resolution with 30 fps (subject to computer’s performance).

  • Join supports up to 6 participants in one video conference.

Technical specifications

General features:
  • Multiple account support – active registrations to different servers

  • Multiple calls facility

  • Multiple languages

  • Full SIP compliant

  • IMS/VoLTE extensions support

  • Presence with Resource List, Watcher Info

  • XCAP for XDM

  • STUN/TURN and ICE framework (peer to peer and NAT traversal)

  • Congestion control

  • Instant Messaging SIP SIMPLE (OMA), CPM, CPIM

  • IM large messages (MSRP)

  • Deferred messages

  • SMS over IP

  • Converged inbox

  • Preprocessing algorithms including Echo Cancellation, Noise suppression

  • Wide range of codecs: OPUS, SILK, AMR WB and NB, g722, Speex, iLBC, g729, GSM, g711

  • Codecs: VP8, h264, h263

  • Resolutions from CIF to HD (subject to device’s performance), Frame rate up to 30 fps

  • Congestion control

  • Join supports up to 6 participants in one video conference

  • SRTP encryption for audio and video

  • AES with 128 or 256 bit key

  • TLS encryption for signaling

  • GSMA IR.92 & IR.94 specification support

  • IMS Registration, Authentication and addressing

  • VoLTE Voice and Video call establishment

  • IMS Preconditions

  • Voipswitch RCS extensions support

  • GSMA RCS standard compliant

  • User Discovery using Options, File transfer, Provisioning

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