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Rich Communication Suite (RCS)

RCS mobile clients

The following operating systems are supported:

The softphones are delivered as whitelabel, branded according to the provider’s specification. We are also open to engagement in special custom projects. The softphones are based on standard protocols and work with 3rd party softswitches and IMS platforms.

The clients are available for following platforms: android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, Blackberry X.

Call Through integration for PIN/PINless platform:

As an option the RCS mobile client can incorporate a “call through” functionality. Besides data calls a user can initiate a connection through an access number. Providers can thus extend their PIN or PINless offering by adding cutting edge new features for their smartphone users. In addition the call through functionality can be combined in one softphone application with rich communication features.

RCS Mobile

IP calling:
  • Audio HD quality voice codecs – OPUS, SILK, AMR and others

  • Video – h264 or VP8 codec

  • Standalone messaging

  • One to one chat

  • Group chat

Content sharing:
  • Video sharing

  • Picture sharing

  • Audio files sharing

  • Geolocation sharing

Social Profile Information:
  • Avatar

  • Location

  • Time zone

  • Favorite link

  • Simple sign up through mobile number registration with SMS or callback verification

  • Service ID for PC and MAC, optional for mobile clients

  • Support for Public ID (service ID, phone number etc.) and hidden private ID (real SIP username)

Users discovery and capabilities check:
  • Enhanced Address Book (showing the service users and their capabilities)

  • Real time notification when a new user from Contacts joins the service

  • Negotiating services quality depending on connection and other factors

  • Search users by email, service ID and name (Public Directory)

Social networks integration:
  • Facebook instant messaging (XMPP)

  • Gtalk instant messaging (XMPP)

  • Showing who from the buddy lists are the service users

  • Voice and video calling to other service users directly from the Social Hub list

  • Visual presentation

  • Recording own welcome greeting

  • Voicemail to email

Other functionalities:
  • Top up using inApp purchases systems or 3rd party payment gateways

  • Audio and video recording

  • Dialing through CS or VoIP to non RCS contacts (optional call through support)

  • PUSH instantaneous messages to iOS and Android (incoming calls, text messages, voicemail, new contact joined)

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