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Enhanced Rich Communication Suite

VoipSwitch is releasing the first edition of its newest mobile client – eRCS. The professional proposition for a mobile calling application with a server side software is especially dedicated for VoIP providers.

Enhanced Rich Communication Suite combines cutting-edge mobile softphone functionalities, such as HD voice and video calls, sending multimedia files, conferencing or Social Media hub and a highly optimized server system. End users will benefit from the ability to add avatars and personal notes, PUSH messages for incoming calls or SMSs and active phone book, which immediately shows who from your contacts is using the application too. Additionally, users have an extremely simple registration and intuitive access to all features.

The demo versions for iPhone and Android devices are already available on App Store and Google Play. Feel free to download and test them to see all its advanced functionalities:

All this is offered with a completely reliable, scalable server responsible for user data storage, public directory search, PUSH notifications, file transfer and much more. The included “Always On” system enables saving all upcoming calls and messages, even if the internet is disconnected.

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New features:

  • Added Sip Presence support
  • Facebook Instant Messaging
  • Google Instant Messaging
  • Added G722 codec; HD voice
  • Added Speex 16kHz codec
  • Improved audio quality
  • Added support for balance and check rate via http
  •  Video support for  Tegra 2 (for example Motorola Xoom tablet)
  • Added message/cpim content type for sip messages
  • Added Spain translation
  • Other improvements and bugs fixed
The softphone is available from our retail store and Android Market