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Earlier this month we have released new version of our Vippie for Android softphone. The version number is 3.0.

The main changes include: – improved support for Android OS 2.1 and 2.2. – multi line support, i.e. user can make or receive multiple calls at the same time and switch between them – conference with multiple participants; user can bridge multiple active calls into one conference  


In the last month we have added to our mobile software product line two new, small applications which enables users to trigger callback easily from Blackberry and Android mobile phone using data packet connection.  

  The callback app integrates existing address book from the phone, also it allows for entering fixed source leg number and specify the method of connectivity: either source first then call the destination number or call both numbers simultaneously. The application shows the call status for both legs in realtime, e.g. alerting (ringing), connected, ended etc.   Continue reading Callback applications for BlackBerry and Android