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Blackberry VoIP SIP client is now available on the Blackberry App World

VoIP SIP softphone for BlackBerry® handsets. Support for WIFI and 3G data networks. Can work with any SIP compliant server. Integrated Contacts, making and receiving VoIP calls, g711 codec support.

Download available on: http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/16034?lang=en

Blackberry VoIP SIP client softphone v2.0, support for OS 6, 5 and 4.6
What’s new in this version:
  • Support for OS 6
  • Extended interoperability with a wide range of SIP equipment
  • Improved voice quality over data networks
  • Integrated Contacts

Since the first release of the Blackberry softphone earlier this year we have made lots of improvements based on the feedback we received.

One major achievement was passing interoperability tests with leading SIP softswitches and IP PBXes.

The improved version of the SIP stack guarantees the proper performance in most scenarios.

The voice quality over data networks (3G) is also significantly improved.

New features also include phone Contacts incorporated into the dialer.

The new version is offered to retail customers through our Web Retail Store.

We also offer branded versions for VoIP providers.

Blackberry SIP client demo available

Tyr our  SIP client for Blackberry OS version from 4.6 and ver 5.x. The demo linked to our callto.net server can be downloaded from  http://voipswitch.com/en/products/softphones/mobile-softphones/softphone-for-blackberry/.
To receive a test account please contact us