Vippie! beta version release
Vippie! is the name of our new client software which merges the functionality of a softphone (built-in SIPLink client) with other services like instant messaging, sending SMS over IP, voicemail, DID management and others.   This release is however without the IM which is going to be added in next version. The instant messaging part will be based on Miranda IM client – and utilize the XMPP server connected to VoipSwitch database. Thus, the existing SIP users will be able to log in to the IM server using the same account. Interesting feature is server based voicemail which can be browsed directly from Vippie! menu. User can see a list of voice message with its details and then hear a particular message by simply clicking on the link. The voicemail is accessible also thru other methods of access, for example if user has no access to Internet then he/she can reach it thru calling card access number or callback.   SMS sent from Vippie! are sent in SIP to the voipswitch platform on the provider’side. From there can be directed to other Vippie users, SIP hardware phone with display which supports SMS functionality (e.g our partner or to external SMS providers thru SIP or HTTP protocol.   Also Vippie! is equipped in our VOIPTunnel technology that allows to work from behind all kind of firewalls and other blockades , in both directions – it enables both receiving and making calls.   In near future we plan to intgrate with Miranda IM client, then add possibility to create groups of contacts for sending bulk SMS (useful for business customers). Probably our callback desktop client will be added as an optional menu.