Vippie Mobile softphone for Symbian has just been released! Embedded VoIP Tunnel, support for g729 and g711, connects through Wifi or GPRS/EDGE

We are pleased to announce the long awaited Vippie mobile version for Symbian. The list of the supported phones can be found here



The dialer supports g711 and g729 voice codecs enabling users to make calls even thru low bandwidth internet links. After start the softphone asks user to select preferable network connection from the list of available internet access points. It can be WIFI but also GPRS or EDGE. High compression of g729 which is utilized by the softphone ensure high quality of conversation even through standard GPRS.


The most interesting feature that distinguish our software from other sipphones is use of our proprietary tunnel technology so called “blockades breaker” which enables users to make and receive (!) calls from behind any firewall or any blockade, including those managed by national telecoms in some countries. The tunnel does not affect voice quality, it decode traffic in very sophisticated and yet very efficient fashion and uses only one, defined by provider, udp or tcp port.  To enable voip tunnel required is to have a tunnel server installed on the provider’s side. The tunnel server can work with any SIP server. To receive more information please contact our sales department.


Other features of the Vippie mobile include phone book, redial, also SMS over IP (coming soon). SMS over IP will be available only in connection with our voipswitch main package server.