Voip-proxy.com – sample application based on WTP
Voip-proxy is an example of voice wholesale termination provider’s platform. Clients can send VoIP traffic with appropriate prefixes determining which level of quality will be used. Each quality level is associated with different rate list. Thus, the client can create own blend, optimizing the quality/price structure.

Voip-proxy is also an example of seamless integration of web layout (in this case it is WordPress) with VSPortal and VSWeb components. The website has been designed in blog’s style with WordPress as the engine. It is very easy and user-friendly system widely used for blogs but also very often as content manager for typical website layouts. Also one of the advantages of using WordPress is that there are really lots of plugins and widgets available in Internet, created by various developers, that can make your web very interactive and eye catching. Integration with Wholesale Trading Platform is then divided on two steps:
  • configuration of VSWeb container to be able to connect to VSService which is Web Service backend of Voipswitch platform,
  • placing particular web components on desired pages.
The Web components are made in Flash and can be added to any html page (or generated dynamically for example in php, aspx or others). They are seen by web browser as a common flash object. Therefore there is almost no limits for webdesigner in creating the layout. When the components are initiated aftfer opening a page they connect to VSService and exchange data with the server directly, without reloading the page. More about configuring and types of the components is described in Online Documentation.

There are two web components used in Voip-proxy.com:

  • register account (it is a version of Sign up component),
  • tariffs – component showing rate tables, with search functionality (both by prefixes and descriptions), export to CSV, multiple rate lists selector.
The main interface of WTP is linked directly to “log in” test in the header which causes the login screen of WTP appear. Another method is to put the login form directly in the html code and then pass the parameters to WTP url.