VoipSwitch launches its Fax Server
VoipSwitch launches its Fax Server
To benefit from this special limited offer to receive the FAX server for free, you only need to purchase Voipswitch Class 5 Switch, multitenant PBX Portal and one of our Mobile Softphones (Android, iOs, BB, Symbian, Windows Mobile).
Start offering your clients what they cannot get from anyone else!
The new feature of Voipswitch allows you to:
  • Send FAX – send fax directly from web browser

  • Receive FAX – received fax is stored in a user’s inbox on the server, and you can view them through the web

  • Fax2mail – forward received faxes to your email

  • Mail2Fax – send email with attachments to the fax server and have them delivered as a fax to specified recipient

Supported file formats: jpeg, png, bmp, tiff, pdf, doc, docx

For more information please email l.wieczorek@voipswitch.com or visit www.voipswitch.com

The new module of FAX smoothly collaborate with PBX platform which supports a multitenant hosted model allowing to offer fully equipped, dedicated PBX services for business customers with unlimited number of PBX master accounts and boundless employee accounts in multiple extensions. Additionally you can offer high quality voice and video calling through our Vippie! Video applications.
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