Voipswitch Launches its Softphone for the iPhone and iPod
Voipswitch today unveiled the Vippie Softphone Dialer for the iPhone and iPod products. Voipswitch customers now have the facility to expand their modules to include the iPhone, thus giving them more scope to expand and enhance their businesses. The Vippie Softphone for iPhone is specifically designed and can be incorporated in softswitch’s other than the Voipswitch Solution. The Voipswitch iPhone dialer has the same features as the very popular Voipswitch Symbian dialer. It supports highly compressed g729 codec (also GSM, g722 and g711). In addition there is the VoIP tunnel client built-in enabling users to make and receive calls from blocked areas. More information on its features and also the demo version can be found here

When we set out to build the Voipswitch solution, we established a deep understanding of how people really want to communicate through the Internet. With the Apple products gaining so much momentum and popularity amongst the global population, and WIFI enabled zones spreading very quickly, it became apparent that a solution for Apple products needed to be included amongst the Voipswitch Modules. said Dr.Chris Oglaza CTO Voiceserve Inc. The Apple dialer is equipped with the tunneling software which decreases the bandwidth usage, hence significantly improving voice quality in weak internet access conditions. The tunnel enables communication in all scenarios overriding possible firewalls. The explosive growth in demand for Mobile dialers has continued unabated. The iPhone dialer was developed to enhance the Voipswitch features and assist softswitch customers serve the wider telecom community. said Mr. Alexander Ellinson President of Voiceserve Inc. The Vippie Mobile, allows operators to cost-effectively extend their services to new areas, creating greater revenue opportunities. The sophisticated dialer means more possibilities of communicating within the Voipswitch framework, resulting in more efficient ways of globally connecting. Vippie Mobile dialer creates new revenue opportunities for service providers by extending services to private customers and multi-tier corporations. With the mobile dialer, service providers have the best of both worlds voip efficiency combined with mobile phone connectivity. These translate into a competitive high-performance solution with a low cost of communication.