Voipswitch Mobile Application Receives Symbian Signed Status

Voipswitch Inc announced today that it has received Symbian Signed status for its new mobile software client: Vippie Mobile for Symbian.

“The new assigned status is a major break through for the company enabling Voipswitch licensees to spring forward into the mobile arena. We are very confident, with the mobile feature added to our long list of modules, Voipswitch will continue to make its mark within the telephony arena attracting a broad spectrum of clientele globally.” said Mr. Alexander Ellinson Chairman of Voiceserve Inc/Voipswitch Inc. With the launch of the Vippie Mobile software Symbian and windows mobiles mobile phones the company is confidant that the release for other mobile systems including Iphone and Blackberry users will be completed within the next few months. Symbian OS is a leading operating system designed for mobile devices, developed by Symbian Ltd, a company recently aquired by Nokia. Statistics published November 2008 showed that Symbian OS had a 46.6% share of the smart mobile devices. Voipswitch’s recently released Vippie Mobile is a sip software client for symbian and windows mobile OS based mobile phones. In the 2nd quarter of the year Voipswicth plans to release version also for other mobile systems targeting Iphone and Blackberry users. About Symbian & Symbian Signed Symbian develops and licenses Symbian OS, the global industry standard operating system for smartphones, to the world’s leading handset manufacturers. Symbian Signed is the mobile industry endorsed certification program that promotes best practise in designing applications to run on Symbian OS phones. Symbian Signed applications follow industry agreed quality guidelines and support network operator requirements for applications and content. The program was created to satisfy the mobile industry.s demand for a reduced cost to developers by providing the community with a single generic certification program that all parties can benefit from.