In the last month we have added to our mobile software product line two new, small applications which enables users to trigger callback easily from Blackberry and Android mobile phone using data packet connection.  

  The callback app integrates existing address book from the phone, also it allows for entering fixed source leg number and specify the method of connectivity: either source first then call the destination number or call both numbers simultaneously. The application shows the call status for both legs in realtime, e.g. alerting (ringing), connected, ended etc.   Continue reading Callback applications for BlackBerry and Android

ATCOM is a leading manufacturer of VoIP hardware PBXes and SIP adapters. Its IP PBX product series is ideally suited for both business and residential customers. The devices are available in wide selection starting from one port IP01 box at very attractive price to multiport box with different FXS/FXO ports combinations.

Voipswitch has recently developed the VoIP Tunnel Client that works on ATCOM IP PBX series. Its implementation will be available by default to all ATCOM’s customers. The VoIP Tunnel Client enables voipswitch users to make and also receive calls on PBXes which are
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being firewalls or VoIP blockades like for example in UAE. The tunnel works with Voipswitch platform as well as other switches thru VoIP Tunnel Server software. For more information please contact